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The 3P Way

Our approach to investing is succinctly captured in our name: 3P. The first P stands for Prudence. We are focused on investing in sustainable and reasonably valued businesses and will remain effectively diversified to manage risk. The second P in our name represents Patience. In investing, patience is a big advantage and its role over the long term is often unappreciated. Our third and final P is Performance, a likely outcome of the first two Ps.

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Who we are ?

3P Investment Managers was founded in September 2022. We are a young company with decades of experience and strong credentials. The 3P team comprises of 20-professionals and is a healthy blend of experience and youth.

What we do ?

We are investment managers with a sharp focus on listed equities in India. Presently, we manage approx. ₹10,000 crores for 500 families in India.

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